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The image shows a microscope with an attached camera on a laboratory table, set up for scientific observation or documentation.


Automated Photopter

The image shows an optometry chair with a pair of binoculars attached to it, positioned in front of a desk and a chair, likely in an office setting.

More information coming soon.

Auto Refractor

The image shows a piece of medical equipment, specifically an ultrasound machine with a screen displaying what appears to be an ultrasound image, situated on a table in a room that looks like a medical or diagnostic setting.

The Auto Refractor takes the guess work out of "Which Looks Clearer". This Auto Refractor is especially good for children and seniors as well as every one in between. It makes the refraction so much easier for the patient as well as obtaining an extremely accurate eye glass Rx.

Visual Field Perimeter

An image featuring a VR headset with the brand  VR Vision  on it, placed on a stand.

This instrument is used to detect any vision losses from the back of the eye to the brain. It displays those areas from the central vision to the peripheral areas that may have been affected by various problems as glaucoma, etc.

Slit Lamp

The image shows an optical device, specifically a slit lamp, which is commonly used in optometry and ophthalmology settings for examining the eyes.

With this instrument the eye doctor can examine in detail and under high magnification all the tissues in front of the eye as the cornea and anterior chamber including the eye lens. It helps to evaluate whether the lens has a cataract ready for removal. It helps the optometrist evaluate many other diagnoses.

Glaucoma Screening

The image shows a piece of medical equipment, specifically an ophthalmic device, with a screen displaying text and icons. It is situated on a table indoors.

With just a very slight puff of air aimed at the front of the eye it measures the inside pressure of the eye. It is very accurate as a screening instrument in determining the the possibility of glaucoma.


The image depicts an optical machine with a camera attachment, placed on top of a desk in a room that appears to be a medical or dental office.

The Optos Retinal Machine captures ultra-wide images of your retina in order to detect diseases such as macular degeneration, glaucoma, retinal tears, and detachments. This advanced machine can even recognize other health issues such as diabetes and high blood pressure which may ultimately help you maintain a healthy lifestyle.

New Patients (631) 237-5484
Existing Patients (631) 271-3443