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Our Team

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Laraine L. Viviani, OD

Dr. Laraine Viviani's journey into the world of optometry began under the guidance of her father, who served as both a mentor and an inspiration. Her early fascination with the field blossomed into a lifelong passion, leading her to pursue her bachelor's degree at Loyola College before earning her Doctorate of Optometry from the prestigious New England College of Optometry in 1991.

Driven by a desire for specialized knowledge and expertise, Dr. Viviani embarked on a series of residencies at renowned institutions including the Center for Eyecare in Sarasota, Florida, where she specialized in pre and post-cataract surgery care. Further enriching her skills, she completed residencies at The Johns Hopkins Wilmer Eye Institute and the Baltimore VA Eye Center, where she focused on the management of ocular diseases.

Committed to offering comprehensive care, Dr. Viviani collaborates closely with ophthalmologists to co-manage a variety of surgical procedures, including Lasik and cataract surgery. For over three decades, she has been an integral part of her father's practice, seamlessly blending tradition with innovation to ensure the highest standard of eye care for her patients.

In addition to her clinical work, Dr. Viviani is an active member of professional organizations such as the American Optometric Association and the Suffolk Optometric Society. She is also affiliated with The Laser Center of New York, further demonstrating her dedication to staying at the forefront of advancements in the field.

Married and a proud mother of three beautiful girls, Danielle, Kristine, and Victoria, Dr. Viviani knows the importance of balancing family life with professional dedication. When she's not at the office, you might find her exploring new destinations, whipping up delicious meals, or enjoying quality time with her family, including their beloved golden retriever, Gracie.

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John J. Viviani, Jr, OD

Dr. John Viviani, Jr., a Columbia School of Optometry graduate, founded the Melville Optometric Building in 1959. Renaming it "Dr. Viviani's Total Vision Care" in 1991 when his daughter joined, he specialized in custom contact lens fitting and vision therapy. Dr. Viviani was also active in professional and community organizations, serving as past president of the Suffolk Optometric Society and Kiwanis Club of South Huntington. Now retired, he enjoys spending time with his family and staying updated on advancements in optometry through reading.

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Diane, Office Manager

Diane is our administrative assistant who has been a loyal and dedicated part of our team for 24 years. She is extremely helpful in assisting patients with their various insurances and vision plans. Diane is very dedicated to serving our patients with a smile. She prides herself in running the office efficiently and smoothly.

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Valentina, Licensed Optician

Licensed Optician and NCLE certified. Enjoys fabricating and designing prescription lenses in our newly designed in house laboratory. Educates patients on newest lens designs and treatments that will best fit patients needs. Enjoys working one on one with patients to provide patients with the optimal lens design appropriate for their hobbies and occupations. Can offer same-day glasses made in our newly designed laboratory.

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Valerie, Optical Technician and Contact Lens Specialist

Valerie is responsible for the preliminary measurements taken prior to the doctor's eye examination. She is very skilled in the use of our latest automated refractors and our newest Opto-map retinal imaging to detect early ocular and systemic diseases.

As a contact lens technician, Valerie is proficient at teaching patients contact lens insertion and removal of contact lenses in a calm and pleasant manner.

Dr. Viviani s Total Vision Care | Emergency Care, Macular Degeneration and Contact Lens Exams

Victoria, Optometric Assistant

Victoria, the daughter of Dr. Laraine Viviani, is currently pursuing her pre-optometry studies at Villanova University. During her summer breaks, she has been gaining invaluable experience by working as an optometric assistant performing preliminary measurements using various instruments, such as the autorefractor, NCT, optos, and lensometer, honing her skills for future practice. Additionally, Victoria has been shadowing Dr. Viviani to learn about different ocular diseases and conditions, including glaucoma, cataracts, and macular degeneration. By combining her studies, hands-on training under her mother's tutelage, and extracurricular involvement, Victoria is following in Dr. Laraine Viviani's footsteps, paving the way for a promising career in optometry.

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Maria, Optical Frame Stylist

Maria is our Frame Stylist who has over 22 years experience in the optical field. Maria has a flare to pick the perfect frame and lens designs for all your optical needs. She enjoys having the opportunity to introduce new designer frames to patients and believes eyewear should be a reflection of the patient's personality. "Glasses are an important fashion accessory that can be fun, exciting, as well as classy and professional."

With our wide variety of up-to-date designer frames to choose from, Maria enjoys spending time helping patients pick the frame that suits their style and needs.

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Debra, Account Manager

Debra, our newest team member, brings a refreshing energy with her infectious smile and unwavering organizational skills. As our dedicated insurance liaison, she efficiently navigates the complexities of accounts receivable for both vision plans and health insurance. Her meticulous approach ensures seamless transactions and clear communication, making her an invaluable asset to our team and a delight to work with.

New Patients (631) 237-5484
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